What is HealthScepter all about?

HealthScepter is a website designed for patients and physicians to see transparent prices for medications, labs, imaging studies and equipment. You no longer have to guess or wonder how much each item in healthcare costs. HealthScepter puts price information for healthcare together in a convenient package.

Why do I need to shop for healthcare prices?

Most people feel that by using their insurance, they are getting the best price for their money. But this is often not the case in outpatient medicine. Is your copay for generic medications $10? Most generics are $3.50-$4.00 if you pay in cash. This is one of many examples for cost savings. For more expensive items like MRI's, shopping can save you thousands of dollars. It pays to be informed when you shop.

What if my doctor does not use these resources or know about them?

Most doctors in primary care and other specialities are happy to save patients money if they can. Usually it is not difficult to use the resources on HealthScepter. Prescriptions can be sent directly from your physician to online pharmacies through electronic prescribing. Many of the direct lab purchasing sites use Laboratory Corporation of America to run lab tests. Lab Corp can easily send results to your doctor. By communicating your needs with your physician, both of you can work together to save money.

The prices seem way lower than I thought they would be. Why is that?

Without the overhead of processing insurance claims or waiting to be paid by a third party, many healthcare providers can offer lower prices than what they could if you use insurance for payment. Direct payment for outpatient healthcare services can often lower your costs substantially.

Why don't more people know about this?

Most people do not know that such clear pricing information even exists. But as you can see, there are a substantial number of companies offering you healthcare services at great prices. If you know someone who needs help reducing their healthcare costs, please let them know about HealthScepter!

Technology changes quickly! Did we miss something? If you have further recommendations that we need to review, we would love to hear from you.