Laboratory Services

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Your health is important. One of the most important ways to check for and monitor disease is to get appropriate lab testing. Our goal at HealthScepter is to provide you with up-to-date, affordable cash prices of labs in your area. Your access to healthcare is our priority. Please take some time to find a lab service provider in your area. Some of these providers can cut your costs substantially (up to 80%) if you pay cash for their services. It is time to take control of your lab costs.

Here are the best websites for access to cash-based laboratory services:

  1. Below is a list of direct consumer lab purchasing sites which partner with Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), a large, publicly-traded, national laboratory service provider. Each of the following sites uses LabCorp so they compete on price and consumer service. Click on the links below to start comparing.
  2. is a direct consumer laboratory.
  3. gives you a good way of viewing cash laboratory services that are provided through national pharmacy chains.

Technology changes quickly! Did we miss something? If you have further recommendations that we need to review, we would love to hear from you.