Procedure Estimates:

Having difficulty estimating your medical procedure prices or other provider visit prices? Before you look at other resources, check out the Healthcare Blue Book to better estimate prices of medical services.

Direct Care Marketplaces:

Have you ever wished you could get the price for a visit before going to a doctor or dentist? Now you can! The markets are forming for direct primary care. Check out the availability of what is in your area.

Pharmacy-Based Care:

Are you looking for pharmacy-based services? Some pharmacies are providing services such as immunizations and urgent care visits. Check out which services are in your area.

Low Cost and Free Clinics:

Can’t afford an office visit? Check out this great resource from The site provides a locator for low cost and free clinics based on zip code. Don’t let your condition worsen - see what is available in your area!

Direct Primary Care Innovators:

Here are some regional innovators that are taking direct primary care into mainstream practice. If you know of other innovators, please let us know.

Technology changes quickly! Did we miss something? If you have further recommendations that we need to review, we would love to hear from you.